He sees me – El Roi

Geez its a bin a minute…well more like 2 years, gosh!

Well, life continued in these 2 years..its ups and downs I’ve sailed. All in the name of growth. Updates and journey mercies to come but for now a small post about His character revelation to me.

I read Genesis 16 and the words “He sees me” stuck out for me from verse 13. Basically its the point where Hagar runs away from Sarai after she was being illtreated for developing an ego for carrying Abram’s 1st child. God appeared to her and told her to go back. With His words she realised she wasnt alone. God saw her. The words she said when she described who God is really hit home.

He sees me

These words stick out for me because they came at a time in my life where I was seriously wondering where He is. I couldnt hear Him. I couldnt see Him. And definately wasnt feeling Him. My health was not so good, with the doctor indicating that critical organ failure was imminent. Work wise not going so good as well. School wise..argh cant even begin to explain that…basically, I too was ready for an escape from reality.


All it took was God saying “He sees me” to bring me from 100 to zero.

Ofcourse like most millenials I jumped on the googler to get some sort of commentary on this chapter. I was met with the hebrew words El Roi: the God who sees.

What a wonder, what a joy to know you serve an omnipresent God…who sees you even in your darkest of days. 😊😊

So yah, I hope these words bring you as much joy and comfort as they did me. Till next time (whether in a years time or not lol)..God’s speed to you all 💕


The impatience of waiting…

As part of my financial goals, I want to own property by 2017. So I’ve been attending show houses just to get a feel of what is out there and what is practical for me. During one of these shows, I came across a beautiful two bedroom apartment that had all the things I wanted. The right light fittings. Laminated hard wood floors. A Balcony looking out to a peaceful scene. Etc…It felt as though it was screaming my name!!! So, I went home all excited and started to crunch some numbers..

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After a hard look at my numbers I realised that I would have to stretch my current budget in order to afford the unit (particularly the initial costs associated with buying a home) and so it was best to wait a year or so before committing to buying my own home. Wait…it feels like I have had to wait for everything in my life…EVERYTHING!!!Image result for patience clipart

The end of the month came around and I got paid. Yeay!!! I decided to stop waiting and just go for it. I  mean, I earn a decent enough salary, I could make do. So, I engaged with the estate agent and she sent me all the documents I needed to read through that could potentially influence my final decision. I spoke to my family and wanted them to come and see the unit.

After paying all debts I looked at the money left for the rest of the month and realised that I was being unrealistic. Perhaps I could get a load…or not…So I asked one of my sisters whether she thought I was rushing this and she gave me a resounding yes…sigh..so I took a step back and decided that it was best to wait.

I was worried that I would lose out on this beauty of a unit. That by the time I had enough saved up I wouldn’t find what it is I am looking for. So many things flooded my mind and I realised that waiting requires a lot of patience and faith. So as I wait here are a few thoughts and verses that have comforted me:

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  1. Pray in faith

Phil 4: 6. Through prayer one is able to communicate to God their wishes and desires. I will let him know what it is I want (not that he doesn’t already know it) and I will ask to receive it.

2. Lean not on my own understanding but Trust in the Lord

Prov3:5. In everything and anything i find myself to be anxious about I will lean on his understanding. I will let Him know my hearts desires, however, I will ask Him what his desires and plans for my life are. I might find that what I desire is not aligned with what he desires and his purpose for me and well, that’s alright. ..I will trust in His understanding. For I believe His plans for me are not to harm me.

3. Worry

Mathews 6:25-34 sets it out so beautifully. Why worry? does it increase the number of your years? (lol, God has a sense of humour hey). God provides for the birds and bees and all other animals. why then should I worry when His Got me too?

4. Be content

Col 3:15. I will let the peace of Christ rule in my heart. I will be content with what He has given me and where it is I am in life while looking forward to what He is still to bless me with.

Well that’s it…hope you found the post somewhat informative or enjoyable. Till next time..:)

Hello there world

Hello and welcome to my blog :).

I am glad you are here. The blog should say “Becoming my purpose” however it seems to read “becoming my pupose“. Tried to change it but alas, technology has failed me. 😦

I created this blog as a way to document the life experiences and lessons that have been learnt and will be learnt in the journey to becoming my purpose.

What is my purpose you may ask, well…it was never very clear to me and at times does become clouded but I can with certainty say my purpose is to bring praise and glory to God through every thing that I am and do. Whether it be in the way I dress, my finances or the thoughts and things I say and so that’s what you will find on this blog, different experiences that encompass everything about me as I live out my purpose.

I will also be joined by other on this blog whom I have learnt a great deal from (and still am). They will also be sharing their journey on this blog.

Well..with that said..do enjoy!