Hello there world

Hello and welcome to my blog :).

I am glad you are here. The blog should say “Becoming my purpose” however it seems to read “becoming my pupose“. Tried to change it but alas, technology has failed me. 😦

I created this blog as a way to document the life experiences and lessons that have been learnt and will be learnt in the journey to becoming my purpose.

What is my purpose you may ask, well…it was never very clear to me and at times does become clouded but I can with certainty say my purpose is to bring praise and glory to God through every thing that I am and do. Whether it be in the way I dress, my finances or the thoughts and things I say and so that’s what you will find on this blog, different experiences that encompass everything about me as I live out my purpose.

I will also be joined by other on this blog whom I have learnt a great deal from (and still am). They will also be sharing their journey on this blog.

Well..with that said..do enjoy!



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