The impatience of waiting…

As part of my financial goals, I want to own property by 2017. So I’ve been attending show houses just to get a feel of what is out there and what is practical for me. During one of these shows, I came across a beautiful two bedroom apartment that had all the things I wanted. The right light fittings. Laminated hard wood floors. A Balcony looking out to a peaceful scene. Etc…It felt as though it was screaming my name!!! So, I went home all excited and started to crunch some numbers..

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After a hard look at my numbers I realised that I would have to stretch my current budget in order to afford the unit (particularly the initial costs associated with buying a home) and so it was best to wait a year or so before committing to buying my own home. Wait…it feels like I have had to wait for everything in my life…EVERYTHING!!!Image result for patience clipart

The end of the month came around and I got paid. Yeay!!! I decided to stop waiting and just go for it. I  mean, I earn a decent enough salary, I could make do. So, I engaged with the estate agent and she sent me all the documents I needed to read through that could potentially influence my final decision. I spoke to my family and wanted them to come and see the unit.

After paying all debts I looked at the money left for the rest of the month and realised that I was being unrealistic. Perhaps I could get a load…or not…So I asked one of my sisters whether she thought I was rushing this and she gave me a resounding yes… I took a step back and decided that it was best to wait.

I was worried that I would lose out on this beauty of a unit. That by the time I had enough saved up I wouldn’t find what it is I am looking for. So many things flooded my mind and I realised that waiting requires a lot of patience and faith. So as I wait here are a few thoughts and verses that have comforted me:

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  1. Pray in faith

Phil 4: 6. Through prayer one is able to communicate to God their wishes and desires. I will let him know what it is I want (not that he doesn’t already know it) and I will ask to receive it.

2. Lean not on my own understanding but Trust in the Lord

Prov3:5. In everything and anything i find myself to be anxious about I will lean on his understanding. I will let Him know my hearts desires, however, I will ask Him what his desires and plans for my life are. I might find that what I desire is not aligned with what he desires and his purpose for me and well, that’s alright. ..I will trust in His understanding. For I believe His plans for me are not to harm me.

3. Worry

Mathews 6:25-34 sets it out so beautifully. Why worry? does it increase the number of your years? (lol, God has a sense of humour hey). God provides for the birds and bees and all other animals. why then should I worry when His Got me too?

4. Be content

Col 3:15. I will let the peace of Christ rule in my heart. I will be content with what He has given me and where it is I am in life while looking forward to what He is still to bless me with.

Well that’s it…hope you found the post somewhat informative or enjoyable. Till next time..:)