He sees me – El Roi

Geez its a bin a minute…well more like 2 years, gosh!

Well, life continued in these 2 years..its ups and downs I’ve sailed. All in the name of growth. Updates and journey mercies to come but for now a small post about His character revelation to me.

I read Genesis 16 and the words “He sees me” stuck out for me from verse 13. Basically its the point where Hagar runs away from Sarai after she was being illtreated for developing an ego for carrying Abram’s 1st child. God appeared to her and told her to go back. With His words she realised she wasnt alone. God saw her. The words she said when she described who God is really hit home.

He sees me

These words stick out for me because they came at a time in my life where I was seriously wondering where He is. I couldnt hear Him. I couldnt see Him. And definately wasnt feeling Him. My health was not so good, with the doctor indicating that critical organ failure was imminent. Work wise not going so good as well. School wise..argh cant even begin to explain that…basically, I too was ready for an escape from reality.


All it took was God saying “He sees me” to bring me from 100 to zero.

Ofcourse like most millenials I jumped on the googler to get some sort of commentary on this chapter. I was met with the hebrew words El Roi: the God who sees.

What a wonder, what a joy to know you serve an omnipresent God…who sees you even in your darkest of days. 😊😊

So yah, I hope these words bring you as much joy and comfort as they did me. Till next time (whether in a years time or not lol)..God’s speed to you all 💕